High quality, outstanding reliability and efficiency.

Right from the first encounter – and for many thousands of kilometres to come: the new Atego is a winner on all fronts. Because it embodies the outstanding attributes of its predecessor and achieves the feat of further improving on these strengths.

The lasting value of the new Atego is manifested in attributes such as high quality, outstanding reliability, durability and robustness. A wealth of new features and technical measures additionally endow the new Atego with a standard of efficiency and practicality that make an equally fine impression at the construction site and in your accounts. The further enhanced body-mounting ability and the increased environmental compatibility are additional merits that underscore the value of the new Atego and make it the vehicle of choice for the building materials industry.

This special value and quality is manifested in the new, cutting-edge and particularly fuel-efficient 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines, for example. With these engines, the Atego already complies in particularly economical style with the Euro VI emissions standard which will become mandatory in 2014. The optional Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift system, the newly designed, ergonomic driver’s workplace and effortless handling are additional attributes that set the new Atego apart. The new exterior and interior design concept also highlights the vehicle’s enhanced value. The new Atego is a real all-round professional in the building materials industry that is more than a match for virtually any task encountered in daily operations. At the same time, it can also play a crucial role in helping to make your company even more profitable in this industry. Climb aboard!