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Developed specifically for heavy-duty distribution transport

To further increase efficiency in heavy-duty distribution transport our engineers and designers addressed all areas during the development of the Antos that enhance the sustainability of the Antos and allowed to significantly reduce your costs. In addition to the sophisticated aerodynamic properties of the new cabs, the reduced rolling resistance and ancillaries with reduced fuel consumption it is above all the consumption- and emissions-optimised Euro VI and the Mercedes-Benz exhaust technology that contribute to the low fuel consumption and thus to the high efficiency of the new Antos. They also already meet the emissions standards going into effect in 2014 – as standard. What's more: The standard-fit particulate filter also makes you well prepared for the future. In this way the Antos not only ensures cleaner air in the city centre, but also meets customer demands for transport solutions with reduced CO2 and particulate emissions.

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The high efficiency of the Antos is also reflected in the ease with which bodies can be fitted. It accounts in particular for the large percentage of platform vehicles in heavy-duty distribution traffic. This applies equally to the selection, installation and hook-up of the body as well as to the integration of the controls and displays. In brief: everything plays a part in being able to put the Antos into service sooner and at a lower cost. Extended service intervals of up to 120,000* km and the repair- and maintenance-friendly design as well as the increased service life of many components are also factors in the low costs. Moreover, the Antos offers you extensive services such as FleetBoard®, which e.g. can help make the logistics processes in your company even more efficient. In brief: excellent conditions that let you operate particularly profitable in distribution transport of 18 t and up. Today and tomorrow.

* Depending on engine variant.