A new dimension of efficiency

Reduced fuel consumption and increased profitability. From day one

We called everything into question when developing the new Actros. The result was a significant reduction in fuel consumption. Another consequence can be seen in the particularly low overall costs through closely meshed services, which have been specially tailored to the new Actros, such as Mercedes-Benz telematics system FleetBoard, which is included as part of the standard specification. All for a common objective: to increase your profitability..

With fuel savings of up to 7% compared with the predecessor the new Actros is highly economical with the Euro V in-line engines. The standard-specification Euro VI engines also set benchmarks – with fuel savings of up 5% compared with the predecessors with Euro V engine. The Euro VI engines are available in four displacement classes and a total of 16 power output levels from 175 kW to 460 kW. The interaction of these newly developed fuel-saving engines with numerous additional innovative solutions let the new Actros set standards for profitability. Also contributing to the significant fuel savings are, for example, fuel-saving ancillaries, the optimised standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission, the sophisticated aerodynamics and the innovative Predictive Powertrain Control assistance system.

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Extremely profitable overall solution.

For you to be able to exploit the technical potential of the new Actros even better, we attach great importance to the increased networking of trucks and services: : In so doing we rely on the various services which have specially tailored to the newly developed Actros, helping to achieve particularly low overall costs and therefore a very profitable overall solution. Examples include the use of state-of-the-art telematics solutions as standard, a comprehensive service contract, favourable terms and conditions for leasing and financing with guaranteed, high resale values plus consumption-reducing training measures. In everyday terms, this adds up to lower overall costs and more profitability for you. From day one.