The new dimension of comfort


A modern workplace, an attractive living area and at the same time room for restful sleep – the redesigned cabs for the new Actros up to 250 tonnes meet this standard in every respect. This is especially true of the GigaSpace cab. It offers an exciting way of experiencing the new dimension in heavy haulage, with its impressive headroom* of 2.13 m, for instance, and the optimum ratio of stowage capacity to freedom of movement. What’s more, the 2500 mm wide GigaSpace and BigSpace cabs offer a particularly generous amount of headroom on the co-driver’s side, due to the fact that the stowage compartments are positioned further back above the windscreen.

Better ergonomics with practical solutions was the remit when it came to creating the new workplace – and what sounds so simple and feels so good when out on the road is actually the result of a whole series of finely matched components – in ergonomic and functional terms. These include the new cockpit, the new seats and the new multifunction steering wheel.. Everything can be operated intuitively and is precisely tuned to the workflows of heavy haulage. Working comfort is further enhanced by an extensive range of standard-specification and optional assistance and safety systems.. Key factors ensuring a pleasant atmosphere include the welcoming interior design and attractive colour scheme, distinctive styling, and the high-quality easy-to-clean materials. There is also a clear distinction between the workplace and living area. The carefully designed living concept and, in particular, the new SoloStar Concept offers maximum relaxation during breaks. The new beds guarantee restful sleep. Numerous practical details and optional interior concepts increase the driver’s sense of well-being and add a personal touch to the cab.

* Headroom between the seats