The new dimension of flexibility.

Every heavy haulage operation is different. That’s why the new Actros up to 250 tonnes is not just a particularly high-performing truck, but a truck that really impresses for its flexibility and adaptability to individual heavy haulage requirements..

Regardless of whether you’re transporting mobile or crawler cranes, or heavy loads such as lifting gantries, body structures or special wagons – with the new Actros up to 250 tonnes, you have a particularly rugged and resilient vehicle at your disposal, which can be flexibly deployed and will rise to every challenge in heavy haulage.

In addition to the high-performance powertrain, we have equipped the new Actros up to 250 tonnes with a wide range of special features. This includes the solid, highly resilient construction – from the extremely stable, reinforced frame to the chassis and suspension components which have been optimised for heavy haulage; and through to the axles which have been specially designed to take heavy loads.

Furthermore, job-matched heavy-duty front and rear couplings and differing fifth-wheel couplings which have been adapted to suit requirements – such as the fifth-wheel coupling sliding device – deliver a high level of flexibility in day-to-day operations. The optimised positioning of the AdBlue® tank, battery and implement carrier stack and Euro VI exhaust system between the axles, the optional walk-on aluminium wheel guards and easily accessible catwalk behind the cab are all further examples of how the new Actros up to 250 tonnes is geared to its end-use applications. And so that the immense power of the new Actros up to 250 tonnes can be converted to maximum traction when deployed with draw-bar trailers, a ballast platform is available as an option.

As you can see: with the new Actros up to 250 tonnes you are superbly prepared for the many and varied requirements of heavy haulage.