The new dimension of vehicle performance.

The new Actros up to 250 tonnes is a vehicle for heavy haulage which impresses on every count. Because it delivers the road performance you need for your jobs. Day after day. And for every heavy haulage application.

From the engines and the cooling system through the turbo retarder clutch and the 16-speed transmission system, and on to the standard-fit Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift – all the components for the new Actros up to 250 tonnes have been developed to give the ultimate in vehicle performance; and they are characterised by their particularly sturdy, durable construction and excellent reliability.

The new Euro VI engines, which have excellent start-off power, play an important role here. With output of up to 460 kW and impressive maximum torque of 3000 Nm along with a second cooling system, these 6-cylinder in-line engines provide a sound economic base for meeting all of the requirements of a vehicle for heavy haulage. The new Actros up to 250 tonnes is fitted as standard with Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift so that its enormous power can be optimally deployed in every situation. In conjunction with the drive program "heavy", which was specially configured for deployment in heavy haulage, and with the finely graduated 16-speed constant-mesh transmission, the particularly short shift times and a precise gear selection modified to each driving situation are truly impressive.

A further, and important, benefit of the new Actros up to 250 tonnes for heavy haulage is the wear-free turbo retarder clutch. This ensures maximum performance when moving off or manoeuvring with particularly high gross combination weight loads and high torque. It serves at the same time as a retarder, thereby providing extra safety. In short: the precisely matched combination of engine, transmission, automated gearshift and turbo retarder clutch ensures that the power of the new Actros up to 250 tonnes can be reliably deployed in practically any driving situation.