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The compact Citan Panel Van with a 2313 mm wheelbase.

Vehicle length (mm)   3937
Track circle/turning circle diameter (m)   9.6/10.1
Cargo volume (cbm)   2.4
Max. loading length (mm)   1369
Gross vehicle weight GVW (kg)   1785
Gross combination weight (kg)   2835
Towing capacity (kg) braked 1050
unbraked 670
Kerb weight[1] (kg)   1370
Payload (kg) with GVW of   415
Maximum roof load (kg)   100

[1] Directive 97/27/EEC defines kerb weight as the mass of the empty vehicle in running order (including coolants, lubricants, 90% fuel, tools, spare wheel, driver [75 kg]).

Detailed dimensions are contained in our data sheet – or ask your Mercedes-Benz dealer.


Panel van

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