More volume, more payload.

Spacious load compartment, which can be flexibly used.

With the longest of the 4 vehicle lengths and the tallest of the 3 roofs there is up to 17 m³ load compartment volume available in the Sprinter panel van. The maximum load in the weight variant with 5,500 kg is 3,144 kg. Vehicles with front wheel drive are convincing with their additional load compartment volume and a cargo floor that is 80 mm lower in comparison with vehicles with rear wheel drive. Furthermore, they transport 50 kg more payload compared to the vehicles with rear wheel drive of the preceding series. A variety of clever solutions optimise and ease the use of the spacious load compartment.

    Highlights that contribute towards the flexible use of the load compartment, upon request:

    • Pallet support in the step of the sliding door, stabilises the cargo in the door area and particularly makes sense in the transport of Europallets or pallet cages
    • Loadable wheel wells, thanks to the square wood trim, they improve the loadability and therefore the usability of the load compartment and protect the sheet metal against damage
    • Interior roof luggage rack [1], better protects cargo against dirt and theft in comparison with roof racks mounted on the exterior
    • 2 LED light strips under the roof, for a significantly lighter, shadowless illumination of the load compartment, ensuring better orientation when loading and unloading
    • Weight-optimised plastic floor for load uses with low surface contact pressure, allows up to 18.58 kg more payload in comparison with the wooden floor
    • 3 different door linings: from the robust trim to the belt rail, which can also be extended up to the roof, to the complete cladding with stable and washable protective cladding
    • Tie-down eyes as standard for all floors, the quantity varies depending on vehicle length

    [1] The roof luggage rack on the inside is expected to be available from Q2/2018.