Increases comfort and keeps fit.

Effective climate control and heating as needed.

The selection of optionally available heating and climate control systems:

  • TEMPMATIC, automatically regulates the desired temperature
  • THERMOTRONIC, automatically regulates temperature, airflow and air distribution
  • Heater booster, quickly supplies the interior with heat during the warm-up phase of the engine
  • Stationary heater, creates a pleasant vehicle interior temperature even before the engine is started
  • Hot-air auxiliary heater, allows the heating of the passenger/load compartment independently of engine operation
  • Radio remote control for stationary heater, allows the comfortable, remote switching on and off of the auxiliary heating
  • High-performance roof-mounted air conditioning system with a max. cooling output of approx. 11 kW in addition to the front air conditioning, ensures of the highest level of climate control in the passenger compartment and is particularly well-suited to regions with very hot temperatures
  • Additional rear heat exchanger, allows a quicker heating of the passenger or load compartment

[1] As standard in Sprinter Tourer and in traction head in Europe only.