Vieta visam un visiem: jaunais Vito Mixto.

The Vito Mixto – a crewbus and a panel van all in one.

The Vito Mixto makes life easier for you: its motto is "One for all" and it is equally impressive as a crewbus or as a panel van. If you need to transport people and goods at the same time, you will find the versatile Vito Mixto fulfils this task economically, reliably and professionally.

If fitted with the optional twin co-driver's seat and the 3-seater bench seat in the passenger compartment, it can transport up to 6 people to their workplace. The side windows bring light and visibility into the passenger compartment and an air vent in the footwell provides a pleasant climate, ensuring that passengers in the second row have a comfortable journey, too. 

Behind the bench seat there is still plenty of room for materials and equipment which can be fully exploited thanks to the vehicle's high payload. The load area measures up to 2.63 sqm depending on vehicle length and provides a cargo volume of up to 4.1 cbm. An optional full-length partition wall with window on the C-pillar protects the passenger compartment against dirt and dust from the load compartment and offers additional protection from the payload.

  • Passenger compartment with optional 3-seater bench seat allows up to six people to be transported
  • Maximum load area of 1.86 sqm for the compact version [1], 2.26 sqm for the long version and 2.63 sqm for the extra-long version [1]
  • Maximum loading length of 2586 mm for the compact version [1], 2831 mm for the long version and 3061 mm for the extra-long version [1]
  • Payload of up to 1250 kg for vehicles with front-wheel drive and up to 1305 kg for vehicles with rear-wheel drive
  • Optional full-width partition at the C-pillar
  • Sturdy wood flooring with load-securing rings

[1] Expected availability of the long and extra-long vehicle lengths from January 2015.